BASKARDS - The New Basketball Playing Card Game !!

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Play time - 4 quarters or 4 hands. Play continues each quarter until one or both players run out of cards.

1. Visiting team goes first. Each player picks a card from the deck. Player with hightest points is visiting team, opponent is home team.
2. Shuffle deck and deal cards (32 - 16) evenly between players to start the game.
3. Each player turns his cards over one at a time until a whistle card, a rebound card or a blocket shot card appears. When any of these cards are turned up, play moves to the next player
and that player then begins to turn over their cards, passing play back to the
other player in the same manner.
4. Each hand is a quarter. Four hands are one game.
5. If one of the players runs out of cards, that ends the quarter.
The other player can not count or play the
balance of any cards remaining in his hand at the end of any quarter.
6. At the end of each quarter, each player adds the total of the points
in his hand to his own score. The total of any technical , personal or intentional fouls
in his hand is then added to his opponents score.
7. Player with the highest score at the end of the game is the winner.
8. If the score is tied at the end of 4 quarters, extra
quarters must be played until the tie is broken.